Eco-Friendly Efforts


Every small action you take to be more sustainable makes a difference.

With fast fashion being an ever-growing problem ranging from sustainability issues, to pollution in the form of greenhouse emissions and waste production, we would like to provide some information on the steps we have taken (as minuscule as they are) to reduce our environmental impact.

We are making an effort to supply clothing from ethical sources with sustainability in mind. These factors will remain as main focuses throughout our growth.

We use Rue Porter blanks. These are made from cotton which is considered a more eco friendly option in comparison to polyester.  Polyester is not biodegradable and involves large amounts of oil in production.

You can read more about Rue Porter here:

 *All orders are shipped in compostable packaging *  (the shipping label is biodegradable too)

Postage is handled by Sendle, which is a carbon neutral delivery service. You can read more about this here: